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Sample pack acompanhado de 1 projeto Ableton Live Profissional de Afro-House.Download a fully arranged, customizable, mastered project file. All samples and presets included!
HitmanAfro -House
00:00 / 05:52

Afro House Complete

About This Sample Pack


In this sample pack we thought of every detail so you can produce Afro House with the highest quality and ease.

Main references such as Black Coffee, the Brazilian DJ Maz, Keinemusik, are the key pieces in the construction of this work of art, an extensive sample pack that travels from afro, melodic and progressive house, the weapons for the construction of a well-made style.
drums loops, drums shots, melodies, ambiances, loops, midis, the best and most complete Afro House kit on the market for you to break down without fear.

Required Software: Ableton 11.0.1 Suite (or higher) + 

Serum + 50 presets


With more than 50 professional presets created to the letter and the most modern timbres so you can create with ease just like big artists like Black Coffe, Maz, Antdot, Keinemusic.
Quality integrated with the movement, we think about every detail in this construction, the minimum increases your material, so you don't need to process as much as you think you need, we've already set it up for you, just create with quality and the final result will be practically finished.


Sample Pack Details


The Sample Pack is compatible with any daw, only the included project is compatible with Ableton Live 11.0.1

✅02-Project Ableton Live 11.0.1

✅63 Preset's Serum v.163 or higher

✅+345-Drum One-Shots


✅41-Hihats (20 OPEN - 21 CLOSED)


✅14 Tom's

✅20 Perc's

✅23 Bass Shots

✅25 Synth Shots

✅68 Drum Loops

✅19 Midi's

✅58 FX (Atmosphere,Crash,Downlifter,Impacts and Uplifter)

✅+500 Files

Project Details


Description & Specifications

Software, DAW:

Ableton Live 11.0.1 or higher

VST plugin:

Xfer's Serum v1.368 or higher

Kickstart v1

Fab-Filter Bundle

Samples, Presets:

All used samples are included with the project file as well.


Make sure you have the above mentioned necessary software / plugins installed on your system!

Video Details

Watch Now and learn with us how to create professional quality Afro house from scratch with our sample pack like great artists Black Coffee,Maz,Keinemusik,Sun-EL Musician,Antdot,Karyendasoul among many others.

Samples Preview

500+ samples

SDM - Hitman - Kick (13)
SDM - Hitman - Vox (2)
SDM - Hitman - Bass Loops 18 Dm
SDM - Hitman - Kick (14)
SDM - Hitman - Bass Shot 18 A
SDM - Hitman - Top Loops (12)
SDM - Hitman - Bass Shot 07 F
SDM - Hitman - Bass Loops 07 G
SDM - Hitman - Top Loops (3)
SDM - Hitman - Perc (2)
SDM - Hitman - Clap (2)
SDM - Hitman - Synth Shots 14 C
SDM - Hitman - Synth Shots 02 A#
SDM - Hitman - Synth Loops 05 Cm
SDM - Hitman - Clap (11)
SDM - Hitman - Top Loops (1)
SDM - Hitman - Perc Loops (7)
SDM - Hitman - Synth Loops 07 F
SDM - Hitman - Shaker (6)
SDM - Hitman - Perc Loops (11)
SDM - Hitman - Perc (11)

Serum Presets 

50 + presets Serum v1.368

BS Horse
LD Wonderwall
LD Melodic
BS Xamanic
LD Xtreme
LD Beautiful
BS Analisys
LD Long
LD Analog
SY Chord Liquid
BS Harmonic
BS Reso
BS Cross
BS Aparate
BS Doctor 808

Projects Ableton

02 projects Ableton Live 11.0.1

01 Project

Afro House Project 01
00:00 / 03:12

02 Project

Afro House Project 02
00:00 / 02:39


Hitman Afro-House
Full Bundle
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